Article published with the Daily Hampshire Gazette, entitled

“Sabrina Herman: Highlight Empty Arms, other local resources”

Article published with Blue Cross Blue Shield, entitled

Helping Hands for New Moms: Postpartum depression screenings offer crucial aid to women-and their babies


“This was such a support for me when I was dealing with postpartum anxiety. I started seeing Lynn and it has been so so helpful. Lauren is helpful and responsive and I highly recommend this center for any woman struggling. You are not alone!” -K.W. 2020

“Hi Lauren, I’m not sure you remember me, but I came to see you a while ago for postpartum anxiety/mood complications. I saw your segments on Mass Appeal and just wanted to tell you how much you helped me! Watching you on Mass appeal made me remember how tough that time was for me and how supportive and validating you were. Just hearing your voice made me remember how comforted I felt after a session with you. I hope all is well with you!”-M.D. 2019

“Lauren Harris was so helpful during a difficult time in my life. After having my second child, I quickly developed postpartum depression and anxiety due to a lack of sleep. Lauren Harris was such an amazing resource for me to have. During appointments she would really help me sort through my thoughts and gave me techniques to calm my mind and keep things in perspective. Lauren has a calm energy about her and the environment in her office was very peaceful.  To me the meetings always felt like a safe haven where I could be honest and really express emotions without feeling judged. I highly recommend her to anyone who could use some help with postpartum issues!” -D. 2019