Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Lauren Harris, LMHC, PMH-C

Owner, Licensed Clinician

Services Offered: Individual therapy, Family therapy

My theraputic aproach uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and Psychoeducation. I have experience and extensive training in helping women struggling with infertility, medically complicated pregnancies, postpartum mood and physical complicaitons as well as parenting challenges.  I offer a supportive and empathetic perspective so that the individuals I work with feel safe enough to share and heal in a non-judgemental enviroment.  In maternal mental health, it takes a highly skilled clinician to decipher the differences in perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD) and fully address the root cause of the emotional distress.  I believe when a mother is suffering, her whole family does also and I am committed to help families heal through addressing the mental health needs of mothers and women.  You are not alone, you are not to blame and with help, you will be well.

Sabrina Herman, LICSW

Licensed Clinician

Services Offered: Theraputic Groups

You are not alone: A miscarriage and loss group

New Mothers Circle: A Postpartum Depression and Anxiety group

In This Together: A Theraputic Pregnancy Support Group

Sabrina has more than fifteen years of experience in maternal mental health and is a highly trained and skilled provider of group therapy. She has trained with Mother Woman/ Group Peer Support and Postpartum Support International.  She offers a warm, empathetic and expert aproach and creates an enviroment where each participant feels safe and welcomed where their personal growth and healing journey can flourish to it’s greatest potential.

Evelyn Resh, CNM, CSC, MSN

Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Sexuality Counselor

Services Offered: Medication Managment, Sexuality/ Intimacy Counseling, Medical Record Consultations

Evelyn is a midwife with over 25 years of experience and practice. She has cared for many women who have experienced pregnancy loss from early misacarriages to late term stillbirths. She is aware of the global impact such losses can have on women individually, in their intimate partnerships and their families. She wholeheartedly believes that women can recover from these losses with knowledge about the events and through compassionate physical and mental health care.


Lynn Vreeland, M.Ed, LMHC

Licensed Clinician

Services Offered: Individual Therapy, Couples and Family Therapy

Lynn has been working in the counseling field since 1996. She holds a Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology from Springfield College. Lynn has worked in many areas within the field of counseling. For most of her career she has worked with women and families involved with international and domestic adoption. Her personal philosphy of counseling begins with rapport building and a willingness to enter into an individual’s experience alongside them. Lynn believes in a holistic approach that takes into consideration the whole person- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. She considers counseling as a pathway for growth and healing. It is an opportunity for the client to explore his or her own thoughts and feelings in a safe enviroment. By building a healthy, theraputic relationship, Lynn can guide the client in discovering more about themselves, their beliefs and their patterns of behavior. Lynn also helps provide a setting that encourages the client in establishing new, healthy patters of behavior. 


Heather Toum, M.Ed, LMHC

Licensed Clinician

Services Offered: Individual Therapy

Becoming a parent is a life changing transition, not without its challenges. Heathers’ theaputic aproach is collaborative, solution-focused and person-centered. She has completed additional clinical trainigs and certifications in mindfulness, trauma-informed treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for perinatal emotional complications. Additionally, she has attended professional trainings around infterility, pregnancy loss and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). She believes in providing a compassionate, supportive, theraputic expereince and enviroment in order to help her clients on the path to being well.